YP Motivations

Helping you recognize your power and using it to help others!

Y.P. “Your Power” Motivations is a twofold tool that will be used by individuals, companies, churches and/or organizations. YP Motivations first objective is to raise the individual knowledge to help one recognize the power they possess to accomplish anything they put their mind too. The second objective is to show people how to use this new found power to help motivate others to come to the same realization. This has become a lost art in today’s generation and society due to the selfish mentality that has been developed. YP Motivations mission is to change the dynamic and the culture of the thinking process for today’s generation and the next generation through social media, seminars, conferences, panel discussions, motivational speaking and more. YP Motivations will serve as a catalyst to get people out of their own way and motivate them to push to the next dimension in their life!


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